This year’s Songkran party at Barefeet Naturist Resort was one of the best parties, we have ever had here at Barefeet. If you missed it, we will for sure repeat it again in 2018.

Twelve people turned out to be just the perfect size for both the initial body painting activity. We had a Superman, an angel, an elephant, a Picasso painting, a girl in flames. and several other motives.

After the painting, which some joined only hesitantly and a bit shy, we came to the next point on the agenda of the day: The tough water battle in the pool. Here all could do their part!

In principle it was thought to be a kind of a rubber duck race, you know, but .. well.. the ducklings became naturists and instead of making gentle waves, the participants used water hoses and fierce water guns! Soon, the pool overflowed and soaked the surroundings, but the battle went on and on.. That was great fun!

Throughout the day, Dao’s homemade juice punch kept everybody’s thirst under control. Some added a bit of vodka to it. That added to the fun. Some also added a few beers. Toss had brought some interesting vitamin drinks – yellow for C vitamin, red for something else supposed to be healthy. That we all tried out, too.

Good and hungry, at six o’clock we gathered around the grill and had a great variety of marinated pork chops, imported sausages, shrimps, potatoes, bread and salad.

The last battle was a Yatzy battle, which Pat won … twice! In the final round, the impossible happened: AFTER both Toss and Gregers had stricken ‘yatzy’ out as impossible to get, Gregers and Toss suddenly threw a yatzy! BOTH of them. Damn!