Barefeet Naturist Resort

Barefeet Naturist Resort & Spa is a small naturist or nudist resort in Bangkok, Thailand! We expect you to undress when you arrive and be naked until you are ready to return to the outside world. If you come as a couple and your partner is new to naturism, he or she may wear a towel in the beginning. Nudity is important and the full benefit of naturism will be reduced significantly, but we do accept that joining the experience together as a couple is much more valuable for both of you. Please understand that chilling out at the resort is strictly a non sexual activity! 

Located in Bangkok, 45 minutes from the city center by taxi and/or skytrain, Barefeet is popular also among business people or tourists who don’t want to miss out on Bangkok’s amazing tourist attractions. After a memorable day of business or sightseeing, refresh in our pool, energize in our fitness center, or balance your mind, body and soul at our hotel day spa.

  • Double Room – 1500 THB incl. VAT

    Double Rooms are fitted with a comfortable King Size double bed and air conditioning. The private bathroom has shower with hot water. The living area right outside each room is furnished with two chairs and a tea table. At Barefeet, there is no need to wear clothes anywhere in the resort from the moment you […]

  • Single Room – 1000 THB incl. VAT

    The single room has a single bed but unlike any other room an old working desk in solid oak wood. If you are a single naturist who would like to stay for a few days and maybe get some reading done or work online on a project some hours per day during the stay, this […]

  • Naked family package

    80 Baht / hour: Day visit charge per hour for members – children free Families who dislike the gender separated and adult sauna and hot pool offers in downtown Bangkok will fully enjoy the “naked family package” at Barefeet Naturist Resort & Spa. Finally, a Spa where your children are welcome for a “lazy family […]

  • Massage Course for Couples

    2600 Baht / 80 USD : Intro course in massage for couples Would you like to learn how to give your partner a relaxing and professional Thai oil massage during your stay at Barefeet Naturist Resort? Then buy this package that will strengthen and deepen your relationship. It is fun, easy, and the perfectly romantic […]

  • Couple massage with 2 therapists

    3200 Baht / 100 USD : Couple massage with 2 therapists Having a massage together is a nice and romantic activity. You will be naked while receiving the treatment from each your therapist who however, wear their regular uniform. It is basically the same as the single aromatic oil massage, only better because you are […]

  • Aroma Oil Massage

    500 Baht – 1600 Baht : Aroma Oil Massage Our Aroma Oil Massage requires you to be naked while receiving the treatment. Our therapist will, however, wear her regular uniform. We are probably the only non-sexual massage place in Bangkok, where you will experience that. Thai aroma oil massage is a much more gentle treatment […]

  • Body scrub, facial massage, hair removal and more..

    Barefeet Naturist Resort offers various other spa services. Most of them gives you an enhanced pleasure if you are naked while receiving the treatment. Our therapist will, however, wear her regular uniform. The treatments can be bought alone or combined in a package with any of the other, following services: Reserve now!  

  • Hot Mineral Bath & Scrub

    100 Baht and upwards : Hot Mineral Bath & Scrub Immerse your body in a hot mineral water bath and let the heat relax your tense muscles and chase stress away. When you soak in warm water, your body temperature rises just like in a sauna, except the air is not dry but cool and […]

  • Sauna

    100 Baht / hour : Sauna The Sauna at Barefeet Naturist Resort is big enough for five people – six if you are good friends.The Sauna costs 100 Thai Baht per person (children under 10 free). It takes 15 minutes to heat up and it turns itself off automatically after one hour. Temperature is set […]

  • Basic Day Visitor package

    80 Baht / hour : Day visit charge per hour per person The basic visitor package includes the stay at a very low cost per hours and enjoy being naked with all the benefits that comes with this. You will get a towel and a welcome drink and then you are expected to go and […]

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