Barefeet in Bangkok has got a twin in Trang in the south of Thailand. So now there are two Barefeet resorts in Thailand. The one in Trang is called Barefeet Heaven Hill Naturist Resort. Both are both owned and managed by the Thai-Danish couple Disraporn Yatprom and Gregers Moller.

It all began, when the couple went to visit Denmark in 2006 and while there, Gregers wanted “Dao” to experience naturism. He and his two sisters grew up in a naturist family in the sixties and he was practicing the lifestyle at home in Bangkok. She tried bravely to follow his example, but it was too cold to really enjoy it. 

Back in Thailand, she said “Why don’t we set up a naturist group here in Thailand.” The idea was at first dismissed by Gregers: “It would never work!” But then she said “At least we can try. Why not?” 

After extensive lawyer assistance, the couple eventually established Naturist Association Thailand as a company with a tourist license. The first resort associated with the association was Chan Resort in Pattaya. The next year Oriental Village in Chiang Mai followed. 

Today, in December 2019, there are eight naturist resorts in Thailand accredited by Naturist Association Thailand with Barefeet Heaven Hill Naturist Resort as the youngest member.

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